Almost every secondary source you find today, stereo-typically states, that the 3 core elements to consider for venue selection, for any form of event, are location, capacity and parking.

All valid, but are these the elements that truly reflect the essence of your event and are they the elements that help you find the right venue?

Venue Selection Is A Very Essential Process - Aleit Events


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1. Vision

Upon your next embarkment in search of the perfect plot, ditch the cliché and start by considering your symposium’s VISION.

Every masterpiece was once just an idea.

When you had that initial inkling, what was the image you have envisioned.

Your chosen venue fundamentally needs to have the potential to accommodate that image.

If it does not, you can never truly accept that your event was a success because it wouldn’t have been reflective of the initial idea you had in mind.

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The word ‘vision’ further acts as an overarching umbrella for factors including costs, capacity and comfort.

Your apparition reflects the resources you have available and how you intend to utilize the space you aspire to have.

It reflects the disposable income available for you to spend on your entire event, including essentially venue hiring fees.

If the venue falls outside the scope of your vision then it is advised that you continue on the search as settling will result in conceding on other aspects of your event down the line.

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Venue Selection Is A Very Essential Process - Aleit Events


2. Expectations

Whether you are a coordinator, client or company it is virtually impossible to negotiate the existence of individuals having expectations.

The saying goes “first impressions last” and it really is true, so don’t instinctively assume that the first site inspection will deliver the one… it might be, but always consider other options before you commit to one.

Keep in mind your vision, so if the expectations are lavish and extravagant don’t settle for modest and meek.

Don’t compromise on the details that are going to amplify the success of your event.

The prospects of any event are typically not only personal but also physical.

When deciding on a venue it is vital to take into account the requirements of the function as well as the admirable outcome you have for aspects like design, décor and dining.

Aspirational expectations always make you strive for that little bit extra but don’t set yourself up for disappointment by having unrealistic expectations.

Always take into account the logistics of your event and how you can set your anticipations to accommodate them.

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Venue Selection Is A Very Essential Process - Aleit Events


3. Purpose

Establish your event’s Purpose and recognize whether or not the venue’s potential is enough to aid the process of achieving your desired outcome.

The prospective goal for your conference can only be achieved should you have an established drive.

A venue’s facilities need to accommodate or allow for you to realistically utilize the space you have in such a way that you are able to successfully achieve your objective. 

They say you will know if you’ve met the right person… well, the same principal applies when it comes to finding the right venue.

The moment you set foot in the doorway that initial image you had in your mind (no matter how long ago) will come back and the vision you had will become a three-dimensional elevation before your eyes allowing you to see the way in which the desired goal will be attained.

Don’t settle unless you can see the bigger picture.

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Venue Selection Is A Very Essential Process - Aleit Events

The outcome of your event will be highly dependent on the outcome and success level of the goal.

No event is perfect and there is virtually always something that could have been done differently, but, whatever it is doesn’t necessarily jeopardize the events level of success.

A triumphant event is one which embodies the vision, meets the expectations and fulfills its purpose so don’t let those things be hindered by poor choice of venue.


Venue selection can be tricky, but it shouldn’t have to be.

Happy hunting!


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