Private event types are aiming to bring people together so we can celebrate a more intimate achievement, milestone or life event.

Don’t you agree?

Social event types are also easier to understand and plan than say corporate or public events.

The key is to create an atmosphere to highlight the main reason for the event, whether its a birthday or a wedding.

Most of these private events will be small enough to handle yourself, but if you really want to make it memorable, getting an event manager will be the best choice.

From small birthday events to large-scale weddings and even the fun of a themed party, hiring an event management team means your gathering will go off without a hitch!

For more information on the kinds of private events, Aleit Events and other industry professionals undertake to coordinate and manage, just keep reading!

We’ll help you narrow down the nature of your event first, so that we can help you plan accordingly!


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Here’s a list of Private Event Types:

  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Themed Parties
  • Wedding Anniversaries
  • Family Events
  • VIP Events
6 Private Event Types That Bring People Together - Aleit Events

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1. Weddings

So we’ve all seen The Wedding Planner with Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey, right?

That movie may or may not secretly be the reason more than a handful of event coordinators and event management professionals got into the field in the first place, but ultimately that’s beside the point. The point is we all know weddings constitute events, and that a lot of people who have them decide to hire professional event managers to coordinate them.

“But, why?”, you might ask.

Well, a wedding is expected to be the most important day in the bride and groom’s lives, and that’s a lot of pressure to put on someone who doesn’t coordinate functions or events for a living.

In fact, if you’ve never planned a wedding yourself, you couldn’t possibly begin to imagine all the legwork that goes into it.

A wedding is basically the holy grail of event management and planning because it brings together elements from every single other type of event – not only do you need accommodation like at conferences, but you need (typically sit-down) catering like at corporate dinners, you need entertainment, like a band, like at a fundraiser and the list goes on.

From stationers and florists to caterers, decorators and bakers, your wedding coordinator plans it all and ensures everything runs smoothly on the day – because just like any other function, a wedding is a highly choreographed series of events, and in order for it to go off without a hitch, it’s best left to the professionals.  

6 Private Event Types That Bring People Together - Aleit Events

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Whether it’s a surprise party, or a formal catered affair for a milestone birthday, event managers love to coordinate a good birthday party.

From bar or bat mitzvahs, to quinceaneras, sweet sixteens and twenty-firsts, most of us celebrate our coming of age with a birthday party at one point or another.

A birthday party, like a wedding, is typically a celebration attended by family and friends, and it is a lovely opportunity to spoil the people in your life by inviting them to attend your perfectly coordinated and managed event.

Electing to have an event manager handle your private event like a wedding, or a birthday party gives you as host the opportunity to sit back and relax on the day of and to enjoy your party, instead of running around taking care of everything and checking up on everybody!

6 Private Event Types That Bring People Together - Aleit Events

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3. Theme Parties

Whether it’s a halloween blow-out or a denim and diamonds themed shindig, a theme party requires a throughline of action to pull the theme through the entire party.

Whether that means clip-on earrings and stuffed shoulder parrots for your friends at your pirate party, or including the dress code on your invitations to your lumo party, a theme party typically requires your guests to commit to and immerse themselves in the thematic experience.

Just like with all functions, a theme party can be hard to stay on top of, that’s why it’s advisable to hire a professional.

Not only will a professional event manager be a valuable source of ideas and information that you wouldn’t necessarily have thought of, they’ll take care of all the nitty gritty on the day of, so you can chill out and live your best life as a scarecrow, black cat or pirate at your theme party!

6 Private Event Types That Bring People Together - Aleit Events

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4. Wedding Anniversaries

Whether a private event for two or two-hundred, a wedding anniversary function is an honour to coordinate.

Typically, larger scale wedding anniversary events for milestone anniversaries are sit-down catered affairs with larger guests lists, so that the couple can invite everyone who has played an important role in the longevity and continued happiness of their marriage to celebrate it with them.

Whereas, wedding anniversary celebrations for newlyweds typically encompass the coordination of an intimate dinner for two or an escape to a hotel for the weekend.

Whether an event on a large or small scale, wedding anniversaries are functions at which attention to detail does not go unnoticed or unappreciated by the married couple and their guests alike.  

6 Private Event Types That Bring People Together - Aleit Events

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5. Family Events

Family events could constitute anything from family reunions, to birthday parties, to christenings, and even funerals.

If you need to send out an invitation for it, even if you were just planning on sending out a text message, it’s an event, and a professional events manager would love to assist you in the planning and execution thereof.

6 Private Event Types That Bring People Together - Aleit Events

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6. VIP Events

VIP Events are private events as they are not open to the general public and are, by definition, invitation-only.

Invitees to VIP events are not, however, necessarily known to one another.

Whether a big hospital is hosting a function and inviting their biggest donors, or a university is hosting a Dean’s dinner for top-achieving students, an invitation to a VIP event is reserved for someone who has ranked highly on whatever the system of measurement proves to be for that event.

VIP Events can be catered affairs with dinner and dancing, experiential events like invitations to ski-weekends, or resort weekends, or even concert-type events where the primary focus is on the hired entertainer/entertainment.

6 Private Event Types That Bring People Together - Aleit Events

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So whether you’re hosting an intimate soiree for close friends and family, or have been tasked with coordinating an entire convention and you don’t know where to start, why not get in touch with the professionals, for your own ease and peace of mind.

Contact our professional event managers today for all your planning and event coordinating needs, so that you too can relax on the day of your big event!


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